How To Enroll In the Angelic Warfare Confraternity

1. Read the entire Catechesis on the Confraternity which can be found under the Learn tab.

2. Begin saying the two daily prayers for purity and the fifteen Hail Mary’s.

The two daily prayers for purity are found in the Catechesis. It is good to get into the habit of saying them daily as soon as possible.

3. Order a Membership Packet.

Membership packets are either for adults or for youth. Packets for groups (10 people or more) are also available by e-mailing the Director. All packets contain all the materials needed to enroll: cord and medal, booklet with enrollment ceremony, prayer cards, etc.. Packets can also be ordered by calling New Hope Publications: (270) 325-3061

4. If there is a Dominican priest near you, then contact him to arrange a time and a place to meet for the enrollment ceremony.

All Dominican priests can preside at an enrollment ceremony and bless the cord and medal without any special authorization from the Director. Non-Dominican priests need authorization from the Director. Bring the membership packet to the ceremony.  The booklet has the ceremony in it.

5. If there is no Dominican priest near you, then there are three steps:

Find any priest who is willing to perform the enrollment ceremony and confer the blessing on the cord and medal of St. Thomas.

Send an e-mail both to that priest and the Director of the Confraternity at the same time asking the Director to authorize the priest to confer the blessing and enroll you.

iii. Once the priest is duly authorized by the Director, arrange a time and place to meet with the priest and proceed with the enrollment ceremony in the booklet.

6. Fill out the Enrollment Form clearly and send it via postal mail to the address on the Form.

Submission of the Enrollment Form is essential. It is the only way to ensure that one’s name is in the Confraternity Register and added to the mailing list for the newsletter. On the form, please write e-mails in large letters and numbers.